Button & Co. Designer

Why jewelry design?
I have always been creative and my parents encouraged me and nurtured my talents. They taught me that I could have whatever I wanted in life as long as I work for it. Aged 12 I was selling friendship bracelets at local markets, in my teens I created my own crystal jewelry and after high school I went on to train as a Goldsmith with the Crafts Council of Ireland.

What inspires your designs?
Button & Co was inspired by my mother’s rusty old button tin. The buttons were cut off our baby clothes as we outgrew them, creating a collection of precious memories. I am also inspired by my surroundings. I love the peace out in Dunhill, the air seems different and refreshing and it’s easy to have the space to create.

What steps are involved in creating a piece of your jewelry?
Many don’t realize how much time and work goes into each piece. We cast all our pieces and then have to file and sand each piece until it is smooth enough to polish. Some designs are engraved, others are set with stones, but all are made individually in our studio in Dunhill, County Waterford, Ireland.

Which piece is your favorite?
The classic Button Charm Bracelet with gold needle.

How do you relax?
Shoe shopping – I love shoes! Most evenings I try to go for a walk on the beach with my husband and miniature Yorkshire terrier. If I can’t get time to do that, I love swinging in my parents’ garden on their wooden swing really late at night.

Tell us something interesting..
I went on the Dragon’s Den (Irish version of the Shark Tank) and received investment to develop my business. Also I have never been to the USA even though my brother has lived there for seven years!

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